The Energy of Summer


  • Image of The Energy of Summer
  • Image of The Energy of Summer
  • Image of The Energy of Summer
  • Image of The Energy of Summer

Part of "The Seasons" Series (2017)
Hand Dyed, Pieced Silk on Wood Panel | 52.75″H x 42.75”W x 2”D

All of my textile art is ready to hang upon arrival, and includes appropriate wall hardware for the task. I aim to keep things simple for you, so that you can begin enjoying the art right away. "The Seasons" series is unique in that the artwork is attached to the wood panel with Velcro.

Note: There are eight artworks in this series, but only four wood panels have been completed. Therefore, a possibility for a delay of delivery exists. I commission Work Cycle Designs in Fort Collins, CO to hand fabricate the wood panels.

Payment plans for purchase within one year are available--just contact me.
See detail images here:

Shipping Fee: $295 (Continental USA)
A discount on shipping is available for Colorado deliveries; pick up at my Loveland, CO studio is free. Contact me for details. For deliveries to International addresses, please contact me for an estimate of shipping charges.

The Seasons series is about ceaseless motion and unending time. During a year of upheaval, I followed a pendulum of solace and concern, my attention on the sky and sun. The conventional winter-spring-summer-fall had outpaced itself and evolved into a daily conversation.

Each artwork in this series is an expression of flickering action and variability. A multitude of color describes this volatility, while line and shape convey direction and strength. Boundless, unrelenting variations in temperature, moisture, and light inspired this series. Persistent, countless moments of wonder and longing guided its creation.

Image of Winter to Winter
Winter to Winter
Image of Spring Within Winter
Spring Within Winter
Image of The Effort of Spring
The Effort of Spring
Image of Summer Day
Summer Day
Image of Summer Into Fall
Summer Into Fall
Image of Winter Ground With Autumn Sky
Winter Ground With Autumn Sky
Image of Winter Night
Winter Night
Image of Monarch and Milkweed
Monarch and Milkweed
Image of The Light in June
The Light in June
Image of White
Image of How I Hold You
How I Hold You
Image of Shifting, Rising
Shifting, Rising
Image of Rose Petal, Dawn Light, Palm of My Hand
Rose Petal, Dawn Light, Palm of My Hand
Image of Sunshine
Image of Between the Clock and the Sun
Between the Clock and the Sun
Image of Cabbage White Butterfly
Cabbage White Butterfly
Image of Dropping, Falling
Dropping, Falling
Image of Grasshopper
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