Glowing Night Sky

  • Glowing Night Sky
  • Glowing Night Sky
  • Glowing Night Sky

This small textile is bound along the edges and hand sewn to archival paper before being carefully framed. The mat is custom-cut and 8-ply thick, allowing the silk fabric space to breathe. All paper, mat and backing board are archival quality.

Matte Black Metal Frame, 16"H x 16"W SQUARE x 1.25"D
UV-Protective Glass
Textile Dimensions: 7.375"H x 7.5"W

This artwork is SIGNED in pencil on the front paper to which it is sewn, along with the title, just beneath the work. See the sample/framed images for reference.

Each of these textiles is an exploration of growth and change through constant alteration of the sewn compositions, repetitively slicing and stitching the fabric into new configurations. Without an end goal, I allow each of these tiny textiles to evolve on its own, determining the final composition only when the piece says something meaningful. Some explore relationships of macro- and microscopic states, with each tiny piece of fabric and thread contributing to the beauty of the greater whole. Others allude to patterns, both forming and degrading. Each could be seen as representative of a moment in time, a snapshot of evolution or a fossilized glimpse into the everchanging workings of life.